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The Fragrant Teochew story began in Geylang Serai village in the 1950s. Our boss, Mr Koh Ah Liang, was a teenager in his secondary school days then. Liang’s mother, Mdm Yeo, a native of China Shantou city, decided to use her skills in making authentic Teochew foodstuffs to earn extra income to support her 5 children. In order to make ends meet, Liang’s mother started making Teochew rice cakes and kueh tiao to sell and Liang would help to deliver on bicycle to neighboring customers. During those years, Liang mastered the art of making authentic Teochew foodstuffs like kueh tiao, rice cakes and fish balls, these foods have been relished for generations.

Sing Siang Yuan Catering Services was founded by Mr Koh Ah Liang in 1988. From a humble Zhi Char stall located in Tai Seng Avenue industrial park, it has grown into a restaurant over a span of 25 years. Subsequently we also operated from a kitchen in Defu Lane, mainly for food catering purposes from 2001-2006. It has always been Liang’s dream to open his own Teochew restaurant and the opportunity came in 2006 when a 1500 square feet shop was up for take-over. Liang was charmed by the Teochew community in the Serangoon district as it reminds him of his childhood days as a vivid basketball player, touring the Serangoon district for matches.

Negotiation was brisk and Liang soon took over the premise and converted it into a restaurant, serving 70% Teochew delicacies and 30% local food. Sing Siang Yuan Catering Services was renamed as Fragrant Garden as we look forward serving a younger pool of customers with a new image. Business grew gradually during the Teck Chye Terrace era and we gained good reputation of offering authentic Teochew cuisines at pocket-friendly prices.

In 2012, facing a shortage of dining space and parking facilities at Teck Chye Terrace, we decided to search for a bigger premise that caters to our business needs. Liang was at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre to meet his friends and he noticed many unoccupied stores in the shopping mall available for rent. Liang had this instinct that this would be the suitable option to relocate as far as location and parking facilities is concern. Based on his own assessment, Fragrant Garden relocated to Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre in May 2012.

As we strive to spread our wings wide, we continuously work towards winning the hearts of Fragrant Garden’s customers at home and regional. Over the past years, advice(s) from food critics and mass media has inspired us to learn and create our food and services with exceptional value. We are dedicated to offer customers a new extensive range of authentic Teochew food prepared by native Teochew chefs from China and enhanced dining experience in 2015.

Our Vision: To be the most iconic Teochew restaurant in Singapore through authencity and freshness

Our Mission: Live life to the fullest. Be dedicated, serve with pride.

Water Chestnut (cold/hot) $2
Barley (cold/hot) $2
Lime Juice $2
Coke $2
Coke Zero $2
Sprite $2
Green Tea $2
Lemon Tea $2
Fresh Coconut $4
Chinese Tea $1.50/pax
Chrysanthemum Tea $1.50/pax
Mineral Water (500ml) $1
Hot Drinking Water $0.30
Wine List
Evolucion Chardonnay (Maule Valley, Chile) $30
Bicentenario (Maule Valley, Chile) $50
1810 Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere (Maule Valley, Chile) $70
Evolucion Cabernet Sauvignon (Maule Valley, Chile) $30
Hole In The Water Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) $40
Tiger Beer $8
Heineken Beer $9
Guiness Stout (320ml) $6
Corkage for Wines $10/bottle
Prices are subjected to 7% GST.


One-stop catering for private parties, buffet, banquets and all events. For more details about catering , please call to +65 62897301.

2017 Mother’s Day Menu

Download Special Menu

16.80 Each (Minimum : 30 pax)
1.Teochew Braised Duck / Pi Pa
2.Herbal Chicken / Braised Chicken w Chestnuts
3.Teochew Braised Vegetables w Scallops / Stir Fried Kailan w Dried Fish
4.Prawns Roll / Liver Roll
5.Curry Prawns / Curry Fish
6. Fragrant s Special Ribs / Braised Pork w Steamed Bun
7. Ee-Fu Noodles / Teochew Kway Teow w Raddish
8. Yam Paste w Ginko Nuts
9. Cold Drinks
Please choose either choice for items 1 to 7.
Transport charge: $60
Package includes disposable cutleries, cups, table cloth, serviettes and trash bags.
13.80 Each (Minimum : 30 pax)
1.Rendang Chicken / Curry Chicken
2.Fried Rice / Fried Bee Hoon
3.Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish / Sliced Fish with Ginger
4.Cereal Prawns / Sambal Prawns
5.Fried Pork with Satay Sauce / Sweet & Sour Pork
6.Ngo Hiang / Fish Rol
7.Kailan with Oyster Sauce / Luohan Vegetables
8.Longan Almond / Longan with Sea Coconut
9.Cold Drinks
Please choose either choice for items 1 to 8. Transport charge: $60
Transport charge: $60
Package includes disposable cutleries, cups, table cloth, serviettes and trash bags.

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